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Juris-Diction.ca – Columnist

Slaw.ca Guest Contributor

LawIsCool.com – Contributor

  • Chess Master, You May Approach the Bench
  • LSUC Publishes Articling Task Force Report

IvanMerrow.com – Owner

Imprint – Columnist

The following is a selection of articles I wrote for the Imprint, the University of Waterloo’s student newspaper.

Networking — “Network Now”

  • No More Ships in the Night
  • First Time’s the Charm
  • Networker’s Briefcase
  • Navigating Networking Gongshows (i.e. Conferences)
  • The Secret About Networking
  • If You’re Not LinkedIn, You’re Out

Personal Finance — “Red to Black”

  • What is this “Saving” you speak of?
  • A Student’s Guide to the Free Life
  • Best Friend keeping you Broke?
  • What does it take to Save?
  • Face Value: Frugal vs. Cheap
  • The Saver’s Toolbox
  • Double-Edged Plastic
  • Budgeting 101
  • Buying on the Internet
  • Tax Time