Future Law Practice

From August to May 2015 I’ll be working for Devry Smith Frank LLP in Toronto as a student-at-law. During my time at DSF I will have broad exposure to legal practice areas including business, tax, family, employment and civil litigation. Please reach out if you’d like to get connected with a lawyer or paralegal on our team.

Scope of Practice

Until receiving my law license from the Law Society of Upper Canada I will not be able to independently provide legal advice. However, I will be able to:

  • connect you to the right licensed practitioner;
  • assist with your intake interview (including documentation and follow-up);
  • research and draft opinions on your legal issues;
  • draft corporate agreements like resolutions, reporting letters, and wills;
  • attend courts and tribunals for administrative and routine matters;
  • conduct negotiations for small claims or simple tribunal matters;
  • draft corporate documents like due diligence summaries, resolutions, purchase agreements, and opinions;
  • perform searches (e.g. PPSA, Bulk Sales Act, corporate names, tax certificates, trademarks, and liens);
  • draft litigation documents like statements of claim, statements of defence, facta, notices and affidavits; and
  • keep you informed with regular communication.

If we’re working together, it’s absolutely critical that you first retain one of my supervising lawyers so that the solicitor-client relationship will be formed. That way I will be bound to confidentiality by virtue of my position as an articling student.

In addition to assisting with corporate services like incorporations, real estate purchases and sales, and commercial agreements, I will have the following limited rights of appearance before Ontario civil courts and tribunals, including matters for liquidated claims $25,000 and under.

Areas of Practice

Subject to the limits above, my future law practice will broadly cover:

  1. Business structuring, estates and tax to help clients create growth-friendly businesses that are protected from surprises;
  2. Commercial agreements, securities and financing to help clients expand their businesses by taking smart risks; and
  3. Civil litigation, debt collection, immigration and employment to actively advocate, enforce and defend clients’ rights.

If you’re a business owner or employee looking for advice, please reach out. I’d be happy to speak with you.

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